Apartment Design-on-a-Dime


Ok apartment dwellers, do you ever feel like your home isn’t quite your home, like you’re living in borrowed space? While that may in fact be true it shouldn’t have to feel that way, especially for those of us who enjoy creating our own unique spaces. For the shackled designers and stifled creatives I decided to help with a list of alternative measures to dress your halls and brighten your walls.


Quick tip number one:

Unsurprisingly one easy way to liven up a space is to literally bring life into it. Bring in a living plant (multiple if you’re feeling frisky). Plants can bring energy to any space that seems dull and plain.

Quick tip number two:

Furniture does a lot of talking. Since most of us can’t afford to go out and pick up a new sofa and end tables, we often take what we can get. However never underestimate the power of a coat of paint or wood stain. Revamping an old shelf or table takes a little time but the results are very noticeable and much cheaper than an IKEA shopping spree.


Quick tip number three:

Rugs are a great way to define space and encourage relaxation. Perhaps you own a rug but aren’t quite sure about placement. There are a plethora of online guides and diagrams about area rugs that show you how to situate your carpeting in a way that won’t feel cramped or awkward. If you’re in the market for a rug then the world is your oyster. Decent, plush and neutral tone rugs can be found anywhere from Big Lots to Pier One, from $30 to $500 in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Explore and you are bound to find something that fits your flare and budget.

Quick tip number four:

Display your art! But careful, these walls are rented. There are ways to display art, photos and memorabilia that won’t leave damage. Adhesive strips can work wonders when hanging lighter/smaller works of art or canvases. Don’t forget to make use of any tables, mantels or book shelves you may have as they can be a great place to display framed art or pictures. Don’t be afraid to get creative, perhaps setting up an easel (if you have one) to interchange art you wish to show off.

Making a home (where ever it may be and what ever it may look like) doesn’t have to cost a fortune. What really makes a space yours is the fact that you’re in it, with all your collections or interest and personal touches (wether intentional or not) it’s never hard to make a space your own.


Stay inspired!