The Clinton Project

“Since starting at Clinton three years ago, I have been amazed by the supportive and creative community that is present. This community made up of teachers, students and parents makes Clinton a truly unique School and one that, I feel, should continue to be supported.

As a former student of Columbus City Schools (Columbus Public Schools), much of my artistic instruction and personal influence is derived from the impact of the teachers, my peers and the various arts programs available within the school system.

To that end, when I saw the amazing programs hosted at Clinton, like Project Clinton & Clinton's Got Talent, which are produced and supported in part by the PTA, I knew that I wanted to contribute and give back to the school system that sparked my personal interest in the arts. Hillking Supply Co. works hard to support the local arts community through different community projects, events as well as the “hometown-inspired” designs we produce. When I told my team about the programs here at Clinton and the amazing staff and parents that work so hard to carry on this creative legacy, we all agreed that there were no better way to continue our support of the local creative community than to start at the source, in the schools.

To do so, we want to contribute to ensure that programs like these not only thrive here at Clinton, but set a precedent for other schools in the district to follow and hopefully, lead to the inspiration of many children & families in the future.

In collaboration with Clinton PTA, we would like to produce an exclusive, Clinton Inspired collection featuring tees and fleece in both Adult and Children's sizes. From the sale of these items, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the PTA at Clinton.

The concept for the pieces being created will be a play on the old “Columbus Public Schools” Apple logo, with the words “Clinton Elementary School” in its place.

We hope that this design will not only help the children show pride in their school but will also give the staff and parents a sense of nostalgia. A way of bridging the gap between the past and present in CCS history.”

- Josh Simmons


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