Who We Are


The Hillking Supply Company was born from a small group of friends with a passion for timeless pieces with the look and feel that they have and will continue to endure the test of time and the elements. In line with the strong family values we all prize, the name Hillking stems from the names of founder Josh Simmons’ Grandmother (Shelby Hill) and great Grandmother (Rosie King).
Coming from drastically different backgrounds, (from Firefighter, School Teacher and Roofer to Painter, Bank I.T. and Fast Food Chef), we have all worked tirelessly to develop a brand we can be proud of. Over time, we’ve grown into a strong family and work hard to make sure that we provide great looking and fitting apparel with the highest quality materials sourced and crafted locally, in the Midwest at a price that we wouldn’t be ashamed of.
We hope you can find a small piece of Adventure with us.

Travel On,
Hillking Supply Co
“Workwear Ethic :: Streetwear Soul.”